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News Letter -2018

TRO Australia has continued to deliver much needed humanitarian assistance to the Internally Displaced People [IDPs] and Resettled people of Northeast Sri Lanka, through various relief and rehabilitation programs. This year our focus has been on families who lost their loved ones, young and vulnerable women, children attending pre-school, destitute children and frustrated youth.
As in the past 25 years, this year too- the volunteers of TRO Australia have made arrangements to conduct Christmas Radio-Thon appeal on 25 December 2017, with an objective to raise awareness of the plight of the war affected / re-settled people in North East of Sri Lanka and to appeal for donations towards the “Children Benevolent Fund” operated by Tamils Rehabilitation Organisation – Australia.

This Fund would enable us to provide assistance to wider groups of children in need of relief, rehabilitation and basic education. TRO Australia has recognised the need for promotion of ‘Psycho-Social welfare’ among the resettled persons. Assistance will be extended to prioritised groups of traumatised Children and depressed young Widows. Other target groups are given therapy sessions individually and in groups. The humanitarian assistance extended by TRO Australia, are delivered via various Community Based Organisations [CBOs] which operate with a high sense of dedication in the North East of Srilanka. During the year to-date in 2017, TRO Australia has expended a total of Aust $65,957 giving assistance in the following areas:

• Early Childhood Development – Nutritional Program – $ 23,358.
• Empowerment programs for resettled women – Construction of Wells – $10,402.
• Educational implements / Materials to Schools in Batticaloa District – $ 4,087.
• Construction of Play Ground for Children in Palai area $ 6,924.
• Educational Assistance via supply of E-learning implements to remote schools in North & East- $4,798.
• Computer – IT / teachers training workshops assistance – $2178.
• Women’s Development – Clothing Factory Assistance – $ 4,428.
• Emergency –Flood Relief Assistance Eastern Province/Hill Country – $ 9,782.

TRO Australia has been able to create awareness of the plight of the war affected & re-settled people in North East of Sri Lanka among the NGO community through its longstanding association with them and will continue to engage them even more in its endeavors in the delivery of humanitarian assistance.
We thank our donors for their continued support extended to TRO Australia’s humanitarian programs and encourage you to generously make your contributions towards our Christmas Appeal 2017.